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meet allie  About Allie (as told by Sara)

I met Allie, well, that’s a weird story… Let’s just say Allie and I became friends when we decided to live together in college. One year turned into two, and two turned into three, and three WOULD HAVE turned into four had Allie not moved away for graduate school.

Needless to say, we are completely obsessed with each other. I could give a zillion reasons why I love Allie, but you’ll understand once you start to read her blogs. So, I’ll just give you three to get started:

  1. She is HILARIOUS. She’s not afraid to make a fool out of herself if it’s going to make people laugh. We were instantly obsessed with each other when we realized we have the same, weird sense of humor that many people will never understand.
  2. She knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. If you’re at all interested in crafts, education, psychology, social work, music, working out, traveling, shopping for deals, time management or simply life insights… Allie is yo girl.
  3. She is the strongest woman I know. Because of her positive outlook on life, one may think Allie hasn’t been through her fair share of life’s adversities. I assure you Allie has lived, learned and dealt with some of life’s most difficult obstacles. And through it all, she has come out with her head held high, her spirit empowered and her heart more compassionate.

meet saraAbout Sara (as told by Allie)

Ms Sara is a Marketing Mogul, Grammar God, Cat Connoisseur, Yoga Yuppie, Lifetime Movie Lover.  From Wausau, WI (which is often referred to as the “Heartbeat of America”), Sara has now found her home in Madison, WI. Through 3 years of living together we’ve had the privilege of being asked countless times if we were domestic partners (the Christmas pictures we took with our cats dressed up that we sent to anyone that would give us their address probably led to this conclusion).  Because of this, Sara has dropped her knowledge on me on the daily and I legitimately find myself consistently entertained by the things that find their way out of her mouth.

With her quippy sense of humor, ability to properly analyze everything marketing/social media/Google/things I don’t know about, fascination with ALL things cats, and an ability to find a way into your heart, I guarantee you will find the things she has to say just as interesting as I do.  From reading her blogs, just don’t try to become more obsessed with her than I am.  I promise you one thing…that is impossible.

Follow Sara on Twitter: @solbrantz

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