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Rent The Runway: Designer Dress For Less

designer dresses for lessWhile I’d love to glam myself up in BCBG and Versace every time I leave the house, I cannot afford to be forking out hundreds of dollars for a dress I will wear once or twice. So, how’s a stylish girl supposed to get the threads without breaking the bank?

My wonderful, stylish sister turned me on to the awesome website, Rent The Runway, where you can rent designer dresses for special events and nights out. I have not tried it yet, but she has ordered two different dresses from this website and she stands firm that this is the way to go if you want the labels for less!

Rent The Runway: How It Works

You can rent a designer dress for either three days or seven days (for an additional fee). You can order two different sizes for no additional fee. It comes in a nice black garment bag (which you can keep) and a USPS postage paid envelope and usually some free goodies. (My sister got clear bra straps and garment tape!) When you are done, you just ball the dress up, shove it in the envelope and drop it in the nearest blue box (no need to clean!).

6 Tips for Rent The Runway

My sister has so kindly shared her personal tips for RTR:

  1. This site is not only for formal events. They have plenty of casual looks and for the price are worth treating yourself to even a random night out. They also have handbags (gasp) and accessories, so if you want to upgrade your existing look, this is a great way to do it.
  2. Pay attention to the size charts. Designers are horribly mean and make your size 6 body wear a size 10 dress.
  3. Regarding sizes, pay attention to the reviews (even more so than the size charts). You have to put your height/weight into your profile, so I search for reviews of people around my size, and you can very easily rule out a dress based on that. For example, if someone says this fits my busty body perfectly, I know it will be too big for me in the chest and if a 5 foot 1 person said the length hits them mid-thigh, I know I will have a risk of exposing my lady parts. The reviews will also highlight the fit (big/small).
  4. Order 2 sizes even if you are sure of the fit. It is free, so better to be safe.
  5. Pay the extra fee ($5?) to have it for 7 days. I like to have it early so I can make sure it fits (and if it doesn’t, I still have time for a back up) and also accessorize.
  6. Post a review afterwards. As noted in #3, it is very helpful to others and makes the site more successful.

While some people can’t fathom paying $75 to rent a dress, you need to keep in mind if you were to buy that same dress it would cost around $500 more! If labels aren’t your thing, this isn’t the website for you. For me, I only wear a formal dress once or twice anyways and usually pay more than $100 for it. Plus, the older I get the harder it is to find that perfect dress… This site makes it easy!

Here are a few photos of my beautiful sister in her rented designer dresses:

Mark & James by Badgley Mischka
Teal Draped Dream Dress
Retail Price: $325
RTR Price: $50

Nicole Miller
Kate Lace V Dress
Retail Price: $410
RTR Price: $75