My Week in Photos: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I apologize for the lack of posting this week, but it’s definitely the holiday season where I find myself completely slammed at work and scrambling to do holiday shopping, decorating, baking, etc. I must say though, this week has definitely has me feeling the holiday spirit!

We got our first major snowfall here in Wisconsin! Ok, so I actually hate snow, but it does look pretty! This is a picture of downtown Wausau, WI (aka The Heartbeat of America) taken by the beautiful and talented Paula Joanna. I will be heading to this beautiful city next weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family!


I accompanied our trade show team to Chicago and attended Holiday Showcase 2012. The event was a complete winter wonderland from the trade show booths to the luncheon area. It was beautiful!

holiday showcaseomnipress team


Quincy has been been wearing a cone (running into walls) for a week now since he got restitched after his surgery. While it’s a bit of a sad sight, he has been my little cuddle buddy as I’ve curled up inside hiding out from this cold weather!



How to Stay Organized When Work is Chaotic

So, I was going to do my traditional “Week in Photos” post today, but I realized I had absolutely NO time to take any photos this week! Work has been absolutely nuts! I spent my week preparing for a new product launch, prepping for two tradeshows in December and one in January, wrapping up on last week’s tradeshow on top of the usual blogging, eNewsletter and content development I am tasked with daily.

When someone dropped specs for a quarter page ad and full page tote bag insert on my desk with a November 26th deadline (Yes, Monday after a four day holiday weekend) I thought my head was going to spin off. So, I did what I always do when I’m feeling overwhelmed: Take a deep breath (being sure to breathe from my diaphragm so I don’t pass out), make a list and take a break.

So this is my break.


 5 Ways I Stay Organized at Work

  1. Weekly Cookbook.
    The first thing I do when I come in on Monday (actually I usually start this the Friday before) is make my cookbook for the week. This is a master list of everything that needs to get done in the upcoming weeks. (I usually stick to two weeks.) Tasks are organized under categories (three main focuses of my job) with color coded deadlines. (Red = MUST be done this week. Yellow = Next week. Orange = Hold.) I also share this with my boss every week. This keeps me productive and on task. I just want to add that I am SUPER OCD about this list and carry it around with me everywhere at work on a clipboard.
  2. Daily To-Do List.
    The last thing I do before I leave work every day is make a list of things I need to complete the following day. It’s my “Mini-Cookbook for the Day.” I keep this right in front of my keyboard below my screen so I am constantly glancing at it to see my progress for the day. I will not leave until everything on that list is complete unless there is a good reason it has been put on hold.
  3. Meetings Calendar.
    Most of you probably use Outlook for your calendar which is probably a lot better than what I use at work. I’m not a big fan of our CRM, so I really only use that calendar for keeping track of meetings or booking out my own time when things need to get done yesterday (so no one schedules me for anything else).
  4. Desktop Calendar.
    This is what I use for my deadlines. Since my deadlines mostly revolve around tradeshows, I use this to track all my communications, social media campaigns, ad deadlines and so forth. These often overlap so I make sure to color-coordinate based on what show the marketing collateral is for. I prefer to use a notebook calendar for this because it’s easy to pack up and carry with me to meetings or to take home. I used to have a giant wall calendar which was nice, but took up a lot of space at meetings. 🙂
  5. Manila Folders.
    As you can tell, I opt for print versus digital. Of course, I have everything saved digitally on our network in folders, but I like to have a printed copy of important information organized in manila folders which sit in my file cabinet or, if it’s for a tradeshow, it sits right on my desk for easy access and reference. I cannot even begin to tell you how much easier this has made my life.
  6. Color Coding.
    As you can also probably tell, I color code EVERYTHING! I’m a very visual person, so colors always help me keep things straight. Colored pens, tabs, post-its, binders, sticky notes on my computer desktop…. They are all color coded to my liking.

Everyone has their own ways of staying organized at work that works best for them. As I’m re-reading this post I’m thinking I demonstrated my OCD tendencies more so than my organizational skills, but that’s ok too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!