Best app for Running/Biking/Walking

My motivation comes in waves when it comes to exercise.  I can take weeks off, and then workout for months straight.  So, when I find a good phone application, workout video, or way to keep me motivated, I latch onto it until I need to mix it up again.  The latest phone application I have been using since summer is awesome!  It is called Endomondo.  First of all, this app is free (awesome).  It has a bunch of great features, including:

Pacing during your run:

During each run it will keep track of how long you have been running and the total distance.  There is a pause button that comes up, so if you need to pause (maybe when you are stuck because of traffic) you can until you press play to start up again.  Another cool feature when you track your runs is that it will tell you through your headphones when you reach mile markers and what time you did it in so that you can keep on pace.  Where it says “Running” you can click and change it to different activities: biking, skating, skiing, rowing, walking, hiking, etc.

photo 1

Tracks your individual routes:

With it’s GPS features, it will track exactly where you run/walk/bike so you can either follow the same route or change it to increase/decrease your distance.  It also marks your mile markers in this map.

photo 3

Publishes routes from other users:

There is an option to post your routes publicly for other Endomondo users to see.  I have found a couple this way that were more scenic and places I wouldn’t normally go.

photo 4

Creates a history of your runs:

In your account it will record all of your runs.  This includes the route, distance, duration, average speed (min/mile), and calories burned.  It is a nice way to keep track or your progress, or notice if you might be slipping backwards a little bit.

photo 2

The only way that I stay motivated to exercise is by continually mixing it up.  Since playing sports in high school and always having different forms of physical exercise, I get bored easily with doing the same thing over and over.  This application helps keep me motivated because I can see progress through my runs.  I hope you enjoy it, too!